Personal comment

I am fascinated of the human being in all its varieties. I search for indentity, social conventions and rules, starting at the very beginning with cell bodies, layers and structures. The „Big Bang“ of human existence. Philosophical ideas are just as important to me as the joy of working with various materials.

My artistic priorities lay in objects and performance. Articles made from paper, steel or sisal are worn by me. In my exhibition, there is a selection of these objects in the form of photographs, videos and the objects themselves to be seen. My masters degree was based on the search of indentity beginning with the period of cave painting. „The masks in ritual dance“ are an important part of my search to find out who people are. Archaic topics are addressed in the performance „Cocoon“ where I break out of a life-sized paper cocoon with strength and energy.I emerge, singing deep fundamental tones as a way of relaxing back to divine order.

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